The Project Project Collective (PPC) is a transdisciplinary group of people who have organized themselves to do (build, produce, create, promote, demolish) interesting work together.

The PPC centres around the idea that another world is possible, and that we have been given all the tools to make it happen. We believe the world is beautiful and broken, but that it can be redeemed if we act selflessly and have humility and a vision for a world that is kind, forgiving and just.

We are inspired by the many projects around the world that not only make us think, but that offer practical ways to fix entrenched problems through small collectives that reclaim and rebuild, one act at a time.

To give one example of a project that inspires us, RAWtools teaches people how to dismantle weapons and turn them into garden tools, as an intentional act of transformation and action around the gun crisis in the United States.

The PPC is made up of people that are doers first – people that have spent time building projects that better the community, and who have realized that in order to have a lasting impact, they need to: 

1) band together with like-minded people; 

2) continue to practice their craft to not get rusty; 

3) invite new people in to continually be challenged by new thinking to remain engaged;

4) train the next generation of doers through apprenticeship and knowledge transfer so that new generations don’t always have to start over.

The PPC is not bound by practice or domain, inviting membership from a wide variety of fields. We do think there are key disciplines that have the ability to act as prophetic voices in the world, therefore we prioritize community builders, artists, journalists, and reformers. 

We also think there are key fields that need sustaining in order to make our society whole, so you’ll notice that our projects have to do with reforming existing institutions such as government, sustaining and reinventing struggling ones such as journalism, and making and remaking place, from small towns to cities.

The PPC believes place is important, and that is why we think collectives such as ours need to practice on a local level first, despite having mentors and friends the world over.

The PPC is based in Ottawa, Canada. 

To apply to join the PPC as a doer, click here. To apply to join the PPC as an apprentice, click here.

To sustain our work financially (either let us decide or sustain specific projects), you can paypal / e-transfer us some money — send to dan at projectproject.ca. We’d give you credit on our site, if that form of reward appeals.